Restaurant Review: Manzana

I know I like to complain about the lack of culinary diversity here, but really, it’s true. Eastern European and Italian are the only two types of cuisines that are consistently done well. However, every so often, I come across a place that is a standout and doesn’t happen to fit into either of these categories. Manzana, a relatively new addition to the Krakow restaurant scene in Kazimierz, serves up refreshingly authentic Mexican food in a relaxed atmosphere. They also have an awesome drinks menu. With real cocktails. And – they’re really good! Manzana is not particularly inexpensive, with entrees in the 19zl-59zl range, but most are under 40zl, so it’s possible to keep the

We started with chips and guacamole and salsa. Look at that top photo there. REAL GUACAMOLE. Not just some identifiable green paste called guacamole. It was bliss.

For my main course, I had the Goat Cheese Enchiladas, and my friend sampled the Stuffed Chili Ancho, which is a chile relleno with meat.

Goat Cheese Enchiladas
Stuffed Ancho Chili

The enchiladas themselves were excellent – yummy veggies in corn tortillas – although I do perhaps question the inclusion of the rice and salsa, which didn’t really add anything. I’m assuming that the stuffed chili was also excellent, given by how quickly it disappeared off of the plate.

Also notable: we found out that they have a happy hour on Fridays & Saturdays with 8zl cocktails, as well as something called Taco Tuesdays, where tacos are 5zl.

Anyway, this one’s a keeper. I’ve been looking for a good Mexican place here, and my quest is complete (sorry, Burrito Buffet, The Mexican, and all of the other horrible, faux-Mexican places here). Next time, I intend to try the Chicken Mole, one of my favourite dishes from home.

ul. Miodowa 11
7am-11pm (I would possibly question the 7am part…)
most entrees 19zl-40zl

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