Who to Follow on Twitter For REE News

It’s called Twitter.

People first really took notice of the value of Twitter as a tool aiding social unrest during the Arab Spring, when the situation on the ground was chaotic. It’s a simple, effective way of communicating a message with a lot of people. I’m visiting the US at the moment, and I was appalled by the sheer ridiculousness of what passes for primetime news. Seriously, it’s like a roll of cute youtube videos that a 10-year-old would enjoy and other “human interest” stories. Granted, some of the networks are trying harder than others. But when your “breaking news” comes nearly 48 hours after the fact, how hard are you really trying? (Looking at you, CNN)

So here’s who I’ve been following on twitter. I made a list. It, like the Crimea Crisis, is in flux, but it should give you a good English-language overview of events has they happen. Some of them are journalists, some are acamdemics, some are funny, some are not – it’s a cross-section. Also, I would like to note that I am not endorsing any of the viewpoints expressed by these people. https://twitter.com/JillianKozyra/lists/ree

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